Meeting Timer



Topic Timer (Count Down)

Keep your speakers aware of how much time they have left. The progress bar turns yellow as the end of the presentation near. It turns red once the time is over. Read our [Meeting best practices] to help you run effective meetings that finish on time.


Full Screen Mode

You can display Meeting Timer full-screen if you have a spare screen or projector in your conference room. Or, if you have a spare screen, you can display the agenda on most of the screen, and use the remainder of the screen for the Meeting Timer. Note: Image shown here is Meeting Timer Pro.


Compatible with PowerPoint and SmartBoard

Place Meeting Timer discretely to the side. Meeting Timer will stay on top of PowerPoint, but you can still change slides using your keyboard or mouse. Meeting Timer is also compatible with [SmartBoard].


No Pop-up Advertisements

There are no annoying "pop-up" advertisements that appear while Meeting Timer is running.


Count Up Timer

Start from zero (00:00) and count up. Use this to practice your speech and figure out how long it will last.



Break Timer

For long meetings, let everyone know how long they have left before the break is over. You get two choices, you can set the break time by the amount of time you want to set (ie Return in 10 minutes), or you can ask the attendees to return at a specific time (ie Return at 10:15 AM).



Meeting Clock and Progress Bar

Show the time of day and the overall progress of the meeting. Choose between a standard clock, or use the 24 hour Military Time Format. A line on the meeting progress bar shows you when the current Topic Timer will end.



Alarms and Warnings

Show all kinds of visual and/or aural warnings, from nothing at all to discreet reminders. Or, use loud "can't-miss-it" exit cues. It's all up to you in Meeting Timer Pro: you can even use your own custom sounds.



Meeting Cost Counter

Let's face it: meetings can be a waste. Sensitize your attendees of the cost of meetings by displaying the meeting cost counter. Simply choose units ($, ₤, , etc.) and the average salary and number of attendees. Meeting Timer does the rest!


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