Preview Image

While you are deciding where to save a PDF file, the PDF generating engine is creating your PDF file. It's progress is shown in the lower right-hand side of the dialog box. When the file is ready, a "Preview" image will appear so you can check what the PDF file will look like.


You can:

  • Place the mouse over the small picture to view a larger preview picture, or

  • Click the small picture to open the PDF in the Reader.


You can preview any PDF in the Files List, in the Merge List, and in the Stamps List simply by clicking on that file.


Encrypted PDF Files

  • Encrypted Files will appear normally in the Preview Window if the Master Password you have set in the Preferences/Security is the correct password for that PDF File.

  • If the file is encrypted with a password different than the Master Password you have set in the Preferences, the preview will not be available and you will get the following warning:


Preview is Not Available Warning

If the file is "busy" (usually opened in the PDF Reader), or if there is an error with the PDF file and it could not be read, you will get the following warning:


  Changing Preview Preferences

You can change the following settings by clicking on "Preferences", and then the "General" Button.

  • Cache Size. For faster performance, the preview pictures are cached (ie saved for future re-use). You can specify how large you are willing the cache to be. The default is 50 MB which will hold about 3000 preview images.
  • High Resolution Thumbnails. Allows for the creation of larger preview images, which is useful if you run PDF reDirect Professional "maximized" (full screen) and you have a monitor with a screen size of 1024x768 or larger. However, the preview images will take more room, and it will take slightly longer to generate a preview.
  Preview Limitations

The "preview feature" has the following limitations:

  • Stamps do not appear in the preview of the output PDF. When selecting stamps, they will not appear immediately in the Preview window. Click on the [Save] button first. The output PDF file is created and automatically shown in the Preview image. You can then make additional changes if you wish and click [Save] again. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the output file.




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