Apply Stamps


Step 1

Click on a Stamp's Checkmark to apply the Stamp to the Output PDF.

Step 2

Click on the Checkmark Button to Change the Stamp Settings.

Pre-select Stamp:

This will ensure that this stamp is always selected every time PDF reDirect Pro starts

Apply to:

Use this to choose which page(s) the stamp will be applied to. Alternatively, a stamp can be placed in it's own page (useful for a standard cover page, or for a company logo.

Location of the stamp:

Stamps can be placed at any corner or in the center.


Stamps can be placed on top or underneath* of page content.

*WARNING: Some programs place a non-transparent white box covering the entire page: therefore, the stamp will be invisible if placed underneath. For example, Powerpoint does this.


A hyperlink can be associated with a stamp which points to an e-mail address, an ftp folder or a website.

Step 3

Click on "Save" to create the PDF with the Stamps applied.


Creating New Stamps


Step 1

Create a New Stamp

You can create two types of stamps, either a Text Only Stamp or a PDF Stamp. A Text Only Stamp is faster to create and more flexible as you can use special characters to show the page number or who created the PDF, but the PDF stamp can be made to be more attractive as it can contain graphics as well.

  • Text Only Stamp

    • Click on the  [Add Text] button to create a new "Text Only Stamp"

    • Note: you cannot change the text color or font size is you select "Page Center (Stretch to cover page). The text outline will be made to be transparent (with a visible outline) and the text size will be stretched automatically to cover the entire page.

  • PDF Stamp

    • Use an application such as Microsoft Word or Corel Draw to create the new stamp.

    • For smaller stamps, select a smaller paper size (such as the "Stamp" paper sizes).

    • Convert the Stamp to a PDF once you are happy with it.

    • Visit the download section of the [web site] for sample Word Stamp Files you can modify.

    • Click on the  [Add PDF] button to create a new "PDF Stamp"

    • Select the PDF file you created in Step 1 above



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